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7 Reasons Why You Should Go to a Barbershop

Barbershop vs. Hair Salon

Traditionally, the barber shop was where men went to get their hair cut while the hair salon was where women got their long locks colored and styled. It is true that barbers are more trained in cutting men’s hair while salon hairdressers are more comfortable with cutting women’s hair. Each one has its own feel and environment as well as offer different services and using different equipment. Hair stylists primarily use scissors to tame and style long hair while barbers are experts in using clippers for short hair.

Why You Should Go to a Barbershop

If you’re a man (or woman) it can be hard trying to decide whether you need to go to a barbershop or a hair salon to get the hairstyle you want. Below are some of the reasons you should go to a barbershop:

  • Barbers Know How to Cut Men’s Hair. If you’re a guy and want a simple man’s haircut, military cut or a flat-top cut, a barber is the way to go. Barbers go to barber school to learn how to be proficient in handling clippers and razors that accomplish those short, clean, close haircuts that have been traditional favorites of men (and are now trendy with women’s hairstyles).
  • Get Men-Specific Treatments. Barbers are skilled at using the iconic straight-edge razor to give customers a clean shave. Barbershops are also the only places where you can get your beard trimmed and your scalp massaged. In addition, many barbershops, especially the high-end ones, also offer a relaxing warm towel facial treatment.
  • More for Your Money. Barbershops are no fuss. Many simply offer the essential hair care services men need. Instead of having your hair washed and conditioned for an extra cost at a salon, barbers simply do what you tell them. Generally, haircuts at barbershops are cheaper than at hair salons.
  • Masculine Atmosphere. An atmosphere dominated by men is vastly different than that dominated by women. Men aren’t into the constant chit-chat like the prevailing feminine atmosphere of hair salons. The conversations are also different between men and women.
  • Specialty Hair Products for Men. Chances are, you won’t find beard oil at a salon nor will you find specialty shampoo and conditioner for men’s hair. Since barbershops specialize in the cutting of men’s hair, they will have hair care products specifically for men.
  • Save Time. Most men (and some women) don’t like to hang out longer than necessary in order to get their hair cut. Since most men’s, and more women’s, short hair cuts are simple and easy to style and trim, one’s time in the barber’s chair is significantly less than if you were getting your hair done in a salon.
  • Get a Truly Unique Haircut. As mentioned earlier, barbers go to barber school to get proficient in using razors, trimmers and clippers. These same tools can also be used to create unique, one of a kind designs in one’s hair.

Barbershops and hair salons are different mainly because they cater to the different hair needs of differing demographics. While barbershops are still primarily beneficial to the hair care needs of men, women with short, course hair or a modern, edgy hairstyle are increasingly turning to barbershops to keep their hairstyle looking great. Barbershops offer patrons a relaxed environment, short and more affordable appointments and services and offer hair care products specifically for men.

There will always be a need for barbers and if you’re interested in becoming a barber or opening up your own barbershop one day, contact us at Boise Barber College to learn about our barbering courses and to enroll.