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Whether you are in barbering school, a recent barber school graduate or a veteran barber who’s been in the industry for years, keeping up with the latest barbering trends is critical. Being current on barbering trends and techniques will bring new clients in and keep existing clients coming back as they will expect you to give them the latest style.

As a barber, how do you stay ahead of the latest barbering trends?

Networking With Industry Peers

Whether you’re in the classroom or in the shop, you’ll be surrounded by classmates, instructors and coworkers whom you can discuss the latest barbering trends with. While this small degree of networking is a great start to begin the exploration of discovering new barbering trends, you’ll need a wider pool of industry peers to get more insight, knowledge and information about trends in the barbering industry.

You can obtain valuable information by attending local events by barbering professional associations. These professional associations also may have conferences and trainings to help you master new techniques, equipment and products.

Trade Journals and Magazines

Barbering trade journals and magazines are great sources for information about the latest styles and happenings in the barbering industry. A subscription to these publications will give you regular inspiration and information you can use in your shop or in the classroom.

You can consider cutting out articles relating to barbering trends and keeping them in a handy folder for reference and to practice. You can even display new barbering publications out will give clients a sense of confidence and trust in your work as they show that you’re committed to keeping up on the latest barbering trends.

Websites, Blogs and Social Media

If physical magazines and trade journals aren’t your cup of tea, many barbering professional organizations have online versions of their print publications. Industry-specific websites, forums and blogs also offer a wealth of information about barbering trends and news.

Social media, especially the likes of Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, are huge sources of inspiration and the uncovering of latest barbering trends. Video channels, such as those on YouTube can yield valuable “how-to” tutorials, interviews with industry leaders, and recent barbering shows to help expand your barbering repertoire.

There are endless free online resources chuck full of information relevant to your profession.

Barbering Webinars and Conferences

Whether you’re a member of a local professional barbering association or not, the Internet is full of free and paid webinars that teach new barbering techniques and best practices, share industry news and highlights barbering styles and trends.

Many professional barbering associations put on annual or twice-a-year conferences where industry leaders come in and share their tips, insights, predictions and lessons about industry trends and how you can grow in your barbering career. Most of these conferences also offer multiple networking opportunities.

Continuing Education

Whether you’ve been out of barbering school for a month or fifty years, it is never too early or late to continue to learn.  Continuing education courses offered at barber schools will not only teach you all about the ever-changing trends, styles and techniques, but will also allow you to apply what you learn to real clients.

If you’re interested in barbering or thinking of transitioning into the barbering industry, a high-quality barbering school such as Boise Barber College a d.MARTiN Academy is your first step. Our instructors are some of the best in the industry and our courses cover the latest barbering trends, techniques and technology.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get started on a successful and rewarding barbering career.