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​Instructor Course:

You can become a professional educator through the instructor classes at Boise Barber College a d.MARTiN Academy. Here, you will learn the basic theories and develop the necessary experience to facilitate learning among your own students in the art and science of barber styling and barbering.

You will be the one that prepares them for an exciting career in the barbering industry.

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Building on Your Foundation

Our instructor course will build on your foundation of knowledge and skill. You must have an active barber license to qualify as an instructor, and our barber and barber-stylist courses can help you develop the skillset that will impact your future as a teacher.

The best barber instructors are the best barbers, and that means you need the skills and techniques to be successful in real-world situations. This is critical, because you will need to bring that experience into your own classrooms.

Prepare Your Students for Their Future

The work you do will prepare students for the Idaho state licensing examination and a fun and engaging job in the barbering industry.

You will enter your classes ready to teach barbering, cutting, styling, and more.

As an instructor, you will be able to prepare your own syllabi, mentor your students, and turn your testing practices into true learning experiences.

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At Boise Barber College a d.MARTiN Academy, we will help you finish your courses, pass your exam, and get the barbershop experience you need. From there, it’s a short road to becoming an effective instructor.

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