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How to Become a Barber

If you think the barbering profession is right for you, but you don’t know where to start, read on for the basics in how to become a barber!

Requirements of Becoming a Licensed Barber in Idaho

Becoming a barber in Idaho starts with the completion of schooling from an accredited barber college and culminating in a multi-hour exam.

How Long is Barber School in Idaho

In Idaho, 900 hours must be completed for barbers and 1500 hours are required to become a barber stylist. Both require passing of a licensing examination. Learn more here!

7 Reasons Why You Should Go to a Barbershop

Barbershops offer many benefits over hair salons including their specialty in trimming and styling short, fine hair, affordable, male hair care services and special men’s hair products.

Selecting a Barbering School

One of the hardest parts of starting a successful career as a barber is selecting a barbering school that will meet your needs. Choosing the right school is an essential step to take, and while there isn’t one right way to do it, there are plenty of wrong ways.

Learn 5 tips for selecting a Barbering school!

Barber Stylist vs Cosmetoligist

Many times, barbering and cosmetology are lumped together and are thought of as almost the same. The only difference many people think is that barbers work only with men while cosmetologists work with women.

The difference, however, goes beyond that.


How to Stay Current on the Latest Barbering Trends

Whether you are in barbering school, a recent barber school graduate or a veteran barber who’s been in the industry for years, keeping up with the latest barbering trends is critical. Being current on barbering trends and techniques will bring new clients in and keep existing clients coming back as they will expect you to give them the latest style.

As a barber, how do you stay ahead of the latest barbering trends?